Osteria OKC is a new Italian restaurant from Chefs Fabio Viviani and Jonathon Stranger.
NOW OPEN in Nichols Hills Plaza!



Osteria OKC is a full-service restaurant and craft bar dedicated to offering a bold and fresh perspective on classic Italian food, with a communal, neighborhood appeal.

Chef Fabio Viviani continually develops new flavors and shares recipes that inspire a seasonally-charged menu. Chef Viviani's classic Italian cuisine is infused with influence from, Oklahoma native - Chef Jonathon Stranger’s - own creativity and attention to detail in everything from ingredients to ambience.

Nestled in Oklahoma City’s Nichols Hills Plaza, ingredients sourced from regional farms will come together to highlight cuisine from Northern, Central and Southern Italy.

Our daily aim is to share the Italian philosophy of eating simple yet delicious food prepared and served by Oklahomans.


The word "osteria" translates to a “simple restaurant” in Italian, with the origin, “oste,” meaning host.

We aspire to uphold our namesake, by being a gracious host that embodies a collective approach. We want each service to be immensely welcoming and for each guest to experience a comforting familiarity within our walls.

Welcome to Osteria. A dinner already in progress, all we need is you.

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